When using the E Mail Account Manager, built in within the Hepsia Online Control Panel you will be able to quickly and efficiently control your e–mail accounts, irrespective of how many web sites you have. It’s easy to sort mailboxes, enable anti–spam, set e–mail forwarding with a click and create filters for use on your e–mail accounts. Thanks to the auto–configure scripts, it will be easy to quickly set up your mail client to operate with any e–mail address you have. And the latter is just a tiny part of what DomainsNow4U’s E Mail Account Manager can assist you with.

Anti–Spam Protection

Get rid of spam in a click of the mouse

From the E Mail Account Manager within your Online Control Panel, you’ll be able to control junk e–mail messages. The incorporated anti–spam tool filters inbound emails and you’re able to personalize its degree of command with merely a mouse–click. Additionally, you can designate a distinct amount of spam protection for every single email account.

There are two simple ways in which our system manages messages designated as spam. You can select if a spam email must be removed, or forwarded to a certain mailbox.

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Email Forwarding

Divert messages from one e–mail account to another

We have managed to make it really simple for you to forward emails from a mailbox to an alternative one in your web hosting account. Everything you need to do is select the email you’d like to have to forward and afterwards fill out the destination mailbox in which you wish each of the messages to get sent to.

It’s also possible to switch on a duplicate of every forwarded message to be saved in the e–mail account which you have forwarded.

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Email Filters

Configure custom–made spam filters without trouble

Email filters are a tool it is easy to make use of. They function in a very simple way based on keyword phrases. All you have to do is select the keywords that you want the filter to make use of and exactly which area of the email account these keyword phrases have to be found in for instance subject line, message body, footer, etcetera.

Another way you can use electronic mail filters will be to redirect all of the junk e–mail messages to some particular folder. Then you could further identify if you want the filtered emails to be kept in the directory (meaning you can determine if some message is delivered there by accident), or to be removed.

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Email Protection

DomainKeys together with SPF protection for one’s email address

We have applied actions to help secure all your mailboxes from junk e–mail activities. Thanks to the SPF protection solution you’ll be able to indicate the servers which are authorized to deliver mail regarding your domain. This way, e–mail messages looking like they’re out of your site that didn’t originate from your allowed set of hosts are going to be instantly tossed to the spam directory.

We’ve at the same time provided you with DomainKeys for all the e–mail accounts within your hosting account. DomainKeys is an e–mail authentication system that ensures the legitimateness of the email message by confirming the mail hosting server of the e–mail sender along with the message integrity.

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Email Auto–Configure Option

Configure an e–mail address on your personal computer with a mouse–click

If you log into e–mail using your laptop computer or desktop computer, you most likely make use of an e–mail client. To save you the hassle of having to personally add each and every next mailbox to your mail client, we have integrated clever ’auto–configure’ files. Simply download the file and open it up using your mail application – this will quickly create your inbox within your desired desktop client.

We have got auto–configure files for: Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Outlook as well as Outlook Express.

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Available on any device, everywhere

For those who lack access to a mail client, you can quickly go through your email by way of our e–mail client – Roundcube. There’s only one web link you should remember, and you can now visit it through any web–connected device from any location!

You can also instantly log in through your Online Control Panel, never having to submit any sort of email login details.

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